Anonymous said:

I don't understand net calories. is there a simple way you could explain it to me? if im eating 1500 calories a day and burn around 500 a day, will i lose weight? thank you.

Yes you will for sure
your calorie intake is based on your weight, height, age and activity levels
if you are younger: you burn faster, taller: you intake more 
1500 is good for losing weight at this height (while working out) and around 2000 is to maintain 

Anonymous said:

You're beautiful, you are and always will be

thank you so much ♥

Anonymous said:

Hey I was wondering how much do you weigh? It says your 5'9.5 but how much do you weigh? Your bodes amazing and I am the same height as you, would like to be the same weight as you!

wow thank you so much 
right now I weight around 155-160 it fluctuates
honestly people who are taller sometimes tend to aim for too low of a number when losing weight
sometimes the healthy option can seem a little high but you can still feel great about yourself and look toned (thats what im aiming for) 

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